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Iranian Journal of Cancer Prevention

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Iranian Journal of Cancer Prevention

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Iranian Journal of Cancer Prevention is a monthly peer-reviewed journal of the Cancer Research Centre (CRC), Shahid Beheshti University of Medical Sciences, Tehran, I.R. of Iran. This authoritative clinical journal is founded by Professor Mohammad Esmaeil Akbari in 2008. Predictive oncology follows a holistic approach in cancer prevention by risk factor management, considering social determinants of health, biological evaluation, assessing carcinogenesis and predisposing factors, early detection and diagnosing precancerous lesions, prognostic evaluation of malignant tumour transformation and progression, control of genotoxic exposures, lifestyle modification, cancer management (surgery, chemoradiotherapy, immuno-hormone therapy, psychological and spiritual care, etc), surviving patients with the highest possible quality of life, rehabilitation and palliative care. Iranian Journal of Cancer Prevention appreciates articles in all aspects of cancer prevention including: Risk factor management, Public health issues, Cancer diagnosis and prognosis, New approaches to cancer therapy, Experimental systems and techniques, Cancer-associated conditions, Ethical and legal issues surrounding cancer research.

Journal Website http://ijcancerprevention.com
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