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Journal of Archives in Military Medicine

Journal Title Journal of Archives in Military Medicine

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The “Journal of Archives in Military Medicine(JAMM) is an international, peer-reviewed, open access journal that focuses on basic and clinical studies in military medicine, including etiology, pathogenesis, epidemiology, diagnosis, screening, monitoring, treatment, rehabilitation and clinical practice guidelines for a better care of military forces, veterans and their families. The journal is characterized by the applied multidisciplinary research for improvement in the level of knowledge, practice and technologies in military medicine, emergency care, disaster medicine, and their related subjects. Furthermore, international experience in “military health system” is of particular interest of this journal. Additionally, we encourage high quality and evidence-based research in various armed force health aspects including policy development, economic analysis and system management as well as patients’ perspective about military health services. JAAM also welcomes articles in military medical education. The editorial board of the journal appreciates novel and innovative studies and offers special priority for these works.

JAMM is a peer-review open access journal which is published quarterly. This journal publishes high quality original research papers, systematic and narrative review, case reports, CMEs, letters to editor as well as historical notes, expert forum, discussion boards and editorials. Manuscripts must be submitted exclusively to JAMM for publication. Articles which have been published elsewhere in local languages will only be considered if prior approval has been received from the publisher and they are of paramount importance for international readers. All accepted manuscripts will be subject to editing.

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