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Journal Title SCIMETR: Interntional Journal of Science

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SCIMETR is a journal which is informative to all scientific fields. This authoritative journal is founded by Prof. Seyed Moayed Alavian & Dr. Seyyed Mohammad Miri in 2013. The Journal context is devoted to focus and peer-review compilation of the latest worldwide and interdisciplinary approach and findings including original manuscripts, meta-analyses and reviews, debates. In addition, consensus evidential reports not only highlight the new observations, original researches and all the other scientific topics but also include letters on articles published in journa


Online submission:Nursing and Midwifery Studies accepts from online article submission to published journal issues throughout the entire editorial and publication process based on the highest quality standards. This online editorial system is prepared for manuscript submission, peer reviewing and tracking replications. Our system is customized with training and step-by-step tips in order to provide a very convenient service for authors, reviewers and editors. By available tracking service, authors can track the review process of their submitted manuscript. This unique online production management system provides checks and balances to ensure accuracy at every stage from Admission to Electronic Posting of an article with related components, printing, binding and mailing the printed issues. Our electronic online system provides a faster and easier accessible service to help authors have more subscribers as well. 


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