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Islamic Lifestyle Centered on Health

Journal Title Islam Lifestyle Center Health

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  • Islamic lifestyle Journal is a peer-reviewed journal
  • Aims and Scope

    We publish any article relating to Islamic lifestyle
  • Some of the Pillars of the Islamic lifestyle Journal with a Focus on Health

1 - Setting the stage for the production of science focused on health and lifestyle

2 - Principles of directing the various branches of Medical and Life science, especially based on the Islamic lifestyle

3 - Theoretical explanation of lifestyle-oriented health

4 - Explaining and interpreting the scientific revelations of the Qur'an and Prophet Mohhamad based on Islamic lifestyle

5 - Plat forming Muslim civilization based on Islamic lifestyle

6 - Setting priorities for short, medium and long-run Islamic lifestyle

7 - Developing the mission statement of the Islamic lifestyle

8 - Developing a lifestyle perspective with a focus on health

9 – Explaining the principles and sources of Islamic lifestyle and ways to achieve it

10 - Explaining the Qualifications and peaks of lifestyle-oriented health

11 - Extraction of opportunities facing the Islamic lifestyle

12 - Islamic lifestyle with a focus on research and innovation in Health Sciences and the Humanities

13 - Ontology and understanding of human relationships, with God, the universe, and environmental and lifestyle

14 - Engineering of thoughts, perception and behavior, and moderating habits and lifestyle,  good lifestyle, essentials for good life and Islamic utopia and a reasonable lifestyle, lifestyle comparative studies including comparing Islamic lifestyle with other  lifestyles, health and various aspects of life, rules and formulas with a focus on health and lifestyle characteristics of Islamic lifestyle, a lifestyle site with the idea of the formation of modern civilization, nature of Islamic lifestyle, exercise and lifestyle….., relationship between lifestyle, bliss, happiness and success and ...

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