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Research in Cardiovascular Medicine

Journal Title Research in Cardiovascular Medicine

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Research in Cardiovascular Medicine, the official journal of Rajaie Cardiovascular Medical and Research Center, is dedicated to the clinical and basic researches in the field of cardiovascular medicine. This authoritative medical journal is founded in 2011 and publishes peer-reviewed articles on all aspects of cardiovascular disease, including original articles, systematic reviews, meta-analyses, narrative reviews, short articles, letters, case reports, and interesting images.

Research in Cardiovascular Medicine is an authentic medical journal which its content is devoted to selected compilation of the latest worldwide and interdisciplinary research in the field of pediatric and adult cardiology, cardiovascular surgery and anesthesia, patient care and rehabilitation, prevention and epidemiology.

Main category is in the field of cardiovascular medicine, including: Cardiovascular Interventions, Arrhythmia & Electrophysiology, Cardiac Imaging, Heart Failure, Pediatric Cardiology, Cardiovascular Surgery, Cardiac Anesthesia, Adult Congenital Heart Diseases, Cardiac Rehabilitation, Preventive Cardiology, Epidemiology & Clinical Trial. 


Journal Website www.cardiovascmed.com
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