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Quran & Medicine

Journal Title Quran & Medicine

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 The aim of the Quarterly of Quran & Medicine publication is to publish the latest findings obtained by researchers' studies regarding the basic and clinical medical sciences in order to promote the level of medical society's knowledge. This journal is being published in Persian, English and Arabic.
 The conditions for article admission
  - The articles will be primarily examined only in the journal assigned format and they will be sent back to the author in case of not observing the given format.
  - The submitted articles should not be sent simultaneously for other journals or published in other journals.
  - Since the articles are accepted only electronically and through the journal's exclusive site, the esteemed authors have to first register as a user in the website. Please refer to http://www.quranmed.com In order to send and follow up articles.
  - The sent article should be a research article and the result of authors' research. Translated articles won’t be submitted.
  - A limited number of "case studies" will be published in each issue; therefore, it is necessary to report rare and important medical cases while preparing this kind of articles and the whole size should not exceed 4 pages including the references and images.
  - "Review articles" will be accepted from experienced individuals who have complete insight of the particular subject, and with reference to acceptable number of their published articles.

Journal Website www.quranmed.com
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