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Iranian Journal of Radiology

Journal Title Iranian Journal of Radiology

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The Iranian Journal of Radiology is the official journal of Tehran University of Medical Sciences and the Iranian Society of Radiology. It is a scientific forum dedicated primarily to the topics relevant to radiology and allied sciences of the developing countries, which have been neglected or have received little attention in the Western medical literature.
This journal particularly welcomes manuscripts which deal with radiology and imaging from geographic regions wherein problems regarding economical, social, ethnic and cultural parameters affecting prevalence and course of the illness are taken into consideration.
The Iranian Journal of Radiology has been launched in order to interchange information in the field of radiology and other related scientific spheres. In accordance with the objective of developing the scientific ability of the radiological population and other related scientific fields, this journal publishes research articles, evidence based review articles and case reports focused on regional tropics.
Iranian Journal of Radiology operates in agreement with the below principles in compliance with continual quality improvement:

1-Increasing the satisfaction of the readers, authors, staff and co-workers.
2-Promotion of the scientific content and appearance of the journal.
3-Advancing the scientific validity of the journal both nationally and internationally.

Such basics are accomplished only by aggregative effort and reciprocity of the radiological population and related sciences, authorities and staff of the journal.

Iranian Journal of Radiology is an authentic clinical journal with a content devoted to selected compilation of the latest worldwide and interdisciplinary research and reviews in the field of radiology. In addition, consensus evidential reports not only highlight the new observations, original researches and results accompanied by innovative treatments and all the other relevant topics, but also include highlighting disease mechanisms or important clinical observations and letters on articles published in the journal.

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